Are You Healed or Whole?

Written by on September 20, 2023

Words Accompanied by The Spirit
Words Accompanied by The Spirit
Are You Healed or Whole?

Are You Healed or Whole?

Let me start out by asking you a question. Is it better to be healed or to be made whole?

I want to share a phenomenal revelation with you. And yes, spiritual warfare is the premise.

There are familiar spirits running rampant. Keeping many in procrastination. Or stagnant. Using confusion and delusion paired with blatant disobedience. Causing many to stumble.

These spirits purposefully conspire to keep many bound. Even those who have been physically healed. Who lack the wisdom to understand that the goal is to be made whole.

Are You Listening?

Meditate on this version. “Behold, I stand at the door [of the church] and continually knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him (restore him), and he with Me” (Revelation 3: 20, AMP).

He didn’t say that he would just keep knocking and knocking at one person’s door. This is why it is written, “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God or Consider Him worth knowing [as their Creator], God gave them over to a depraved (reprobate) mind, to do those things which are improper and repulsive” (Romans 1: 28, AMP).

Picture 03 - Romans 1:28 KJV - And even as they did not like to retain God in - Bible Verse Picture

Jesus himself did not waste time with foolishness. Because His forgiveness is and was never in question.

He Did Not Come to Call the Self-Righteous

“And Jesus replied to them, ‘It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but [only] those who are sick. I did not come to call the [self-proclaimed] righteous [who see no need to repent], but sinners to repentance [to change their old way of thinking, to turn from sin and to seek God and His righteousness]” (Luke 5: 31-32, AMP).

You see, recently I wrote about the ten lepers. God healed them all of leprosy but only one came back to thank Him. “One of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, glorifying and praising and honoring God with a loud voice;

“And he lay face downward at Jesus’ feet, thanking Him [over and over]. He was a Samaritan. (Let me add that this man knew where his help came from.)

“Then Jesus asked, ‘Were not ten [of you] cleansed? Where are the [other] nine? Was there no one found to return and to give thanks and praise to God, except this foreigner'” (Luke 17: 15-18, AMP).

Picture 07 - Luke 17:18 KJV - There are not found that returned to give glory - Bible Verse Picture

Healed, But Not Whole

Now, to put this in perspective. I am going to use the KJV for this next scripture. “And He said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole” (Luke 17: 19). Are you paying attention?

We can be so broken, that we can’t recognize what is right in front us. Even the supernatural miracle of being made whole. God’s grace over our lives.

They (meaning the other nine) accepted the bare minimum that was offered. When Jesus is willing to give so much more!!!

Because they rejected the fullness of His power. The door is left open to relapse.

There is a difference between being healed and being made whole. You can be healed and still die in your sin. Relegating you to the inability to see God’s face in peace.

It is up to you. Will you accept Him or reject Him?

Man’s Power is Limited

Even when healing is facilitated through man in the form of medical, holistic, and other forms of treatment. It can only be done in part.
I have seen these familiar spirits attempt to entrap men. Using the fears and anxieties of the individual that they possess. Attempting to deceive others into making blasphemous statements.

The sick and the ill may be totally oblivious to what these spirits are doing. But when it was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. I understood the sinister and diabolical nature of these demonic entities.

Only God has the ultimate authority over life and death. These spirits will attempt to manipulate you into speaking a curse over your own life. By offending God as you attempt to stand in His place.

A Haughty Spirit Comes Before Destruction

Becoming so full of pride. Many have even killed others because they became obsessed with the belief that they themselves, as a mere man, have the right and authority to decide who lives and who dies. Even just having a blatant disregard for all human life.

Often, Jesus would ask, “what do you want me to do for you?”. This is because many want to be healed of their infirmities. But they don’t want to be made whole. They want physical wellness while remaining in bondage, spiritually.

These same people will be oblivious to the needs of others. Wasting your time as they attempt to misuse God’s time.

Heed the warning, “being a double-minded man, unstable and restless in all his ways [in everything he thinks, feels, or decides]” (James 1: 8, AMP). They are refusing to be made whole.

Picture 06 - James 1:8 KJV - A double minded man is unstable in all his - Bible Verse Picture

While attempting to avert and obstruct the healing of others. We must discern the vengeful, malevolence at work.

Heed the Revelation

Know this in all its relevance. “For the [earthly] fate of the sons of men and the fate of animals is the same. As one dies, so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no preeminence or advantage for man [in and of himself] over an animal, for all is vanity. All go to the same place. All came from the dust and all return to the dust” (Ecclesiastes 3: 19-20, AMP).

Picture 03 - Ecclesiastes 3:20 KJV - All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and - Bible Verse Picture

We see people being healed every day. While still on the path to destruction. So again, I will ask, do you want to be healed or made whole. Which encompasses healing and much more? But do you even know the difference?

Always coming from a place of love and in truth!!!

Originally written on August 21, 2023.


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