The Danger of Being “Asleep”

Written by on July 2, 2022

Words Accompanied by The Spirit
Words Accompanied by The Spirit
The Danger of Being "Asleep"

The Danger of Someone Who is Asleep

This will be short and to the point.

Listening to a sermon titled, “Are You Ready”, brought back to my remembrance something that the Holy Spirit told me a long time ago. At the time, the focus was on infidelity. I was going through a divorce. But the LORD made it very clear that it could pertain to murder, lying, stealing, and every other work.

If someone says that they love, you and you have found out about an egregious behavior, hidden from you. And even after it is revealed they persist in lying or trying to minimize the situation. Then most dubiously, attempt to blame you for their actions. But can sleep soundly. Having done so even before you were cognizant of the circumstances. Then there is a blaringly obvious blatant disregard for your well-being and mental health.

Picture 04 - Galatians 6:5 KJV - For every man shall bear his own - Bible Verse Picture

Please Be Aware

This is a savage!!! Your very life could be in peril. Do not deceive yourself by allowing half-truths to be deemed accidental.

Besides saying within yourselves that this loved one did not mean it, and he/she loves me.

Regardless of who they are to you, they despise you. They will tear you down and eradicate you. Nevertheless, what is the most injurious and the most telling, is how their spirit can rest.

Picture 05 - Proverbs 26:28 KJV - A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by - Bible Verse Picture

The Conviction of the Spirit

Yesterday I reacted to a situation that could have harmed and injured others, including myself. I felt the flutter in my spirit immediately. God spared me but it was an indication, a knowing, “Do NOT tempt me. You know better!”

Afterwards, my spirit was not at rest. I was apologizing profusely to my LORD. And I had no peace for hours.

I felt so bad that I vowed to not let another person’s ignorance cause me to step out of character. Albeit I am not perfect, and I need the grace of the Spirit. I felt extremely convicted. It was a feeling of anxiety, unrest, and dread. Because of our intimacy, I hated it. And never wanted to feel that way again.

Picture 07 - James 1:13 KJV - Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted - Bible Verse Picture

Pure and Virtuous Love

When you truly love God, man, or woman. And the bond becomes stronger. You will never purposely offend Him or them. Remember, we are made in His image. This is why offenses, including those who bring them, and being easily offended, is a stumbling block to our relationship with Him. Rooted in selfishness, self-seeking, egotism, and introversion are characteristics thar are not of JESUS.

We are not ready to see His face in peace if we refuse to love one another. LOVE answers all things.

Picture 07 - 1 Corinthians 13:5 KJV - Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her - Bible Verse Picture

Always coming from a place of love and in truth!!!

Originally written on March 14, 2022.

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