His Revealing Spirit!!!

Written by on March 29, 2022

Words Accompanied by The Spirit
Words Accompanied by The Spirit
His Revealing Spirit!!!

I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately. From a psychological perspective, I have always been interested in people. Perceiving the wicked even prior to this. Consequently, the Holy Spirit has always opened my eyes to the evil in the world.

Furthermore, what is really perturbing to me is those that are affected by the decades and centuries of these sadistic behaviors. Feeling that it is okay to protect, ignore and excuse those who commit them. This does not include those who are traumatized. But those who choose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to corruption.

Additionally, from the viewpoint of a Black woman, it amazes me that people attempt to deceive themselves. Blaming people of color for all of the problems committed on this earth. When history has shown that evil does not discriminate. I say this because I have seen the injustice firsthand.  Having experienced the baseness of certain individuals.

Accordingly, the LORD is showing me that people really do see and hear what they want to. I am definitely not surprised. The evil that people partake in has not changed. It is becoming worse. The majority of the immorality is committed by the affluent and orchestrated by the devil himself.

I feel empathy and affinity for the victims and none for the perpetrators. Those whose circumstances are beyond their control. People that are impacted by external elements.

Therefore, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Originally written on January 16, 2022.

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